Using industry leading training, equipment and procedures, we specialize in locating and marking buried facilities for all types of ground disturbance planning. D-Tech Line Locators is always testing new and updated utility locating equipment, and monitoring industry trends. We work diligently to stay at the forefront of the rapidly emerging and changing technology of the utility locating industry in order to provide the best service possible to our clients.

Our trained field service technicians provide assistance with oil and gas, and construction industry projects, including, but not limited to:

  • Pipeline and construction maintenance
  • Oil and gas plant construction, maintenance and turn-arounds / total outages
  • Environmental reclamation and remediation projects
  • Road and lease construction
  • Seismic exploration programs
  • Wellsite construction, abandonment and decommissioning

We provide:

Field Services

We offer professional utility locating for all types and sizes of ground disturbance

BC One Call Response / Alberta One Call Response

As part of our role as damage prevention specialists in the utility locating industry, we provide clients with peace of mind for all their One Call needs. Facility owners send us their one call ticket requests; we do the research on your behalf, and provide a timely response to project managers. When needed we dispatch a crew to conduct a locate and communicate clearance or conflict, ensuring program compliance and protection of client assets.

Digital Documentation

All our line locate reporting is completed and stored digitally. Documentation can easily be transmitted to our clients by email or cloud sharing, making it simple for project managers and head offices to obtain results quickly. As well, multiple reports can be printed and provided in the field at the time work is being completed.

Large Project Locate Management

During large, multi-locate crew projects, we dispatch our own project managers to help coordinate the work and ensure your project runs smoothly. We offer added efficiency and peace-of-mind for clients running multi-faceted, large projects with numerous ground disturbance requirements.

Project Database Management

D-Tech Line Locators has over 10 years of locating data, which is maintained in-house. We are able to provide our return clients with site histories, and permanent access to their project reports.

Third-Party Pipeline Databases

As part of our regular service, we provide access to third-party pipeline databases with all field locates. As well, these databases are available to clients for planning or research purposes.